The Pulse of my Anxiety

Today I have great motivation and excitement about building my blog. I can feel the anxiousness of what I want to put out, but keep getting distracted and foggy by my thoughts from my anxiety. I trust my outcome will be great for what I’m creating, but I get stuck in procrastination by over thinking. There becomes this long list of guidelines out of nowhere when my mission is powered by inspiring and love purposes. Drives my crazy! When I’m in the mood to be productive to gain what I need being creative is important to me. I am glad to have Pinterest and other resources to help me find positive outlets to restore my focus and get grounded. Learning about others story as bloggers and artists, along personal growth has been very enlightened and encouraging for me, I pray everyone continues to be awesome always no matter what level or place you’re at.

Thank you for reading. Please share, comment,or like.

Published by MirrorGirl

Artist and certified Life Coach, purpose is help raise love and positive vibrations in the world however I'm guided to do so. Can't wait to some day travel the world to see and share my gifts and to help others.

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