Actions Speaks

So, “I know we’ve all been here to this type of mess.” Athena is four months here and this happened when I came back from doing laundry. I was surprised because all she did when I was around was follow me, lay in her bed and stare at me. Being mixed with Chihuahua I know they came with small package with a big attitudes. For my first small dog I had no idea how crazy important it was to teach them to walk with you without almost stepping or kicking them,OMG! She never made a sound, just staring. I started to think she was from another planet, haha! Please comment , like, and share. Would love to hear about your pet’s surprises in their new home.

Published by MirrorGirl

Artist and certified Life Coach, purpose is help raise love and positive vibrations in the world however I'm guided to do so. Can't wait to some day travel the world to see and share my gifts and to help others.

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