Coincidence maybe?

Growing up I was the kid that would be on my adventures and would bring home all the living animals and crawlies I could find. I don’t remember how many cats I had, even once tried to bring home a squirrel. Haha! Boy when it came to frogs that was another thing for me.

I felt I would literally jump out my skin when it comes to frogs. Yes, my dream once was to be a Veterinary! So my Mom would say, “how can you be scare of frogs and you’re supposed to love animals?” I actually had not idea, you would think its the girly phase when you don’t like lizards and spiders. I even had nightmares of them sometimes. Which didn’t change as I got older; it was so weird.

Well a couple of years ago, I learned as I developed my Spiritual journey that we are given signs for our Guides to lead us on our path. Turns out frogs was actually my spirit animal that was watching over me all those years. They would randomly appear in my new apartments and even in my car, freaked me out.

So the meaning of frogs in the image is something that resonates with me and whatever I went through, it coincidentally would pop up😉 Have you been coincidentally stocked by any spirit guide animals or insects lately? If yes, you can Google or search on Pinterest that specific spirit animal and see if it resonates. Remember to shine bright and stay safe. Love and light to you all💙

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Published by MirrorGirl

Artist and certified Life Coach, purpose is help raise love and positive vibrations in the world however I'm guided to do so. Can't wait to some day travel the world to see and share my gifts and to help others.

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