Heroes Go!

So happy for the Heroes out in the world that made it out.

The ones who saw outside the box and overcame the doubts.

Glad to be encouraged by people who discovered their powers and used it to grow.

Who fought through being lost, misunderstood, and had nothing or nowhere to go.

Today I’m happy to know and see, these people tell and show how true strength comes from within when you deeply believe.

Made it out, shining bright and helping others grow.

So happy to have so many Heroes in this crazy huge world.

Wishing and praying each day, I can feel my time is near.

Breaking free from past wounds, low self-esteem, and other illusions of fear.

Grateful to have Heros who followed their passion and made dreams reality.

Made it out!  Marvelous, brave, phenomenal, inspirational, strong, and free.

Happy to know and believe, my time is near, I’m coming out growing in love and light by just being me.

Heros out! That’s you and me.

Stay encouraged! Keep being awesome and brave, remember that it take one day at a time. Believe it and claim it, you got this!

Thanks for reading! Follow, share, like, and check me out! Really appreciate all the love and support. Much love and light✨Stay safe!

Published by MirrorGirl

Artist and certified Life Coach, purpose is help raise love and positive vibrations in the world however I'm guided to do so. Can't wait to some day travel the world to see and share my gifts and to help others.

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