Interesting Week

This post is going to represent the description of how I felt about my week. To stay positive, I am chosing a meal I feel that compliments it,” which I will explain…

Parmesan and broccoli pasta

So, the ingredients to this is simple; you got your shell pasta, cut broccoli, and shredded parmesan cheese.

The shell pasta is my Monday to Wednesday for how it started out solid. “Not going to go into full details, things were at it’s normal pace being steady and then went to see a movie, which softened things up. “Okay I will tell ya this, I have two jobs and share a car with my boyfriend who always takes THE longest routes anywhere.” Haha, sorry really annoys me.” So yeah, the broccoli comes Thursday and Friday y’all, listen! These days are when the weather was hot and muggy, with chances of rain.” That plus work not fun EVER! Now for the final ingredient. The Parmesan cheese is the boost of flavor that happened on Saturday and Sunday. Got slammed at work and forgot to put in for days off, 😅 so yep ended up with a lot of anxiety pressure on that one.”

My week was not one of my best, but satisfying enough. I am grateful for the laughs and lessons that I got, and possibly strengthened a team. Hope you all had a great week with a nice dinner to end it well😁 much love and light. Stay safe and shine bright.

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Artist and certified Life Coach, purpose is help raise love and positive vibrations in the world however I'm guided to do so. Can't wait to some day travel the world to see and share my gifts and to help others.

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