Excited to share my day and some Mirror Girl Art, Spiritual growth motivation, give some tips enlightenment on empathy and intuition, limiting beliefs and mindfulness, Selflove, and more. Mostly lots of love and smiles.

Hey y’all! I’m Shannon Jones, from Charleston, SC born and raised. My love for greater harmony and to live my purpose is stronger as I’ve grown to know my value and continuously seek my dreams. Newly Entrepreneur, certified Life Coach and a natural Artist, also a certified Art Life Coach.  Hoping my site can reach those who struggles with Mental Health like me(anxiety/depression) or who desire to help others and shine their light in the world. My creativity is my gift I wish to share who I am to inspire love and hope. To let people know during these tough times real connection can exist in harmony in many ways, in any season.

What People Say

Be you, make a difference in ways others can’t.

Few words about me…

Kind, assertive, compassionate, great friend, intuitive, free spirit, and a lover not a fighter.

Let’s build something together!

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