Actions Speaks

So, “I know we’ve all been here to this type of mess.” Athena is four months here and this happened when I came back from doing laundry. I was surprised because all she did when I was around was follow me, lay in her bed and stare at me. Being mixed with Chihuahua I knowContinue reading “Actions Speaks”

Do it Your Way

Happy New Years Everyone! Peace out 2020, so glad and very hopeful for the new beginnings to come. As you know I am a growing entrepreneur and artist putting myself out there and out of my comfort zone. So far all is well, we know when we set goals comes a test before the reward.Continue reading “Do it Your Way”

The Pulse of my Anxiety

Today I have great motivation and excitement about building my blog. I can feel the anxiousness of what I want to put out, but keep getting distracted and foggy by my thoughts from my anxiety. I trust my outcome will be great for what I’m creating, but I get stuck in procrastination by over thinking.Continue reading “The Pulse of my Anxiety”

Why MirrorGirl?

Why Mirror Girl, lol? Well, I read a pin from Pinterest and it was actually saying mirroring people and energy is one of a Pisces thing they do. I laughed so hard because it also mentioned manipulation. From my studies of astrology this is common for many other signs especially water ones. Speaking for myselfContinue reading “Why MirrorGirl?”

Power of Blue

Blue today is the color I choose Expressing my current mood and it’s my favorite color too Blue sky with a calming smile and bright eyes Confidently ready for today to spread positive vibes Bluetiful me bluetiful I see ready to get into my day of what’s in-store for me Thank you for reading, pleaseContinue reading “Power of Blue”

Better Today

“Don’t you love those times when you wake up with an epiphany? ” My day started with a on going feeling inside when there’s to be a big change in your life. Seeing how beautiful the clouds looks in this image made me grateful for the little things. That happens to me a lot. TodayContinue reading “Better Today”

So Empathic

As I breath so deeply I feel and feel and feel… Intense energy flowing around me as I begin to grasp hold of feeling as light as the glow of a fresh bloom flower. As times it can be this void of this emptiness that leads to me emotional loops of wonder. Be as youContinue reading “So Empathic”