Shine. Create. Grow. Be you, the bright way.

It’s funny how you look back on your life and realize you’ve been doing the skills to follow your dreams all along. Some people notice how time can really go by so fast, and then it hits you out of the blue that you just want to find your passions. This is what makes you have urges to want more. That passion becomes a mindset goal that eventually causes all kinds of changes in your present world because you crave to see a vision become real. We’ve all in our lives dealt with deep love and pain that makes life so crazy.  I desired to get to the bottom of the deeper feeling I had and wanted to know what made me so different. Challenges in my life have helped me to limit many beliefs about what my Spiritual/religious, material world, and what mental illness meant for my life. 

I allowed myself to develop self love, confidence, and esteem growth, which are some strong points that helped me in general. Thus after trying other career interests that I loved such as food services, working with animals, and hospitality. I later discovered that being able to be there for friends and family or people with simple kindness felt so right. Now brings me to why I’m a Life Coach, the results that I’ve gained is now my desire and inspiration to help others too. 

So I’m here now to see if I can be of help to you all and bring clarity to what you need or seek to improve yourself. I’m Shannon Jones and my business is ,”Intuitive Reflections.” Followed by my Blog Mirror Girl Arts Reflections.

Please come join me friends and family, share with me to bloom together making a difference in our way as one on our path to help the world change to be a better place. Just Glow!

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