Meant to Be Different

Lately I’ve been thinking about, how life dealing with people everyday is that it seems people have a issue with just being real with people who are different. You become a stereotype of some form so fast now a days because some people seem against you or something if it’s different. There’s many groups ofContinue reading “Meant to Be Different”

Grateful Daze

Bring in the month of MayFeeling the breeze of life and happiness Enjoying a beautiful sunset lightWith my best friend showing gratitude on a great day. Follow your heart and shine bright Love Athena and I 💕 stay safe! Much love and light to you all.

Heroes Go!

So happy for the Heroes out in the world that made it out. The ones who saw outside the box and overcame the doubts. Glad to be encouraged by people who discovered their powers and used it to grow. Who fought through being lost, misunderstood, and had nothing or nowhere to go. Today I’m happyContinue reading “Heroes Go!”