Daily Reflect

Sometimes my day starts with a light positive energy and a set motivation to get rolling with the day. Well, let me tell ya!” That’s just my imagination, my morning starts with me opening my eyes before my alarm goes off and a wave of thoughts of random things from yesterday, way back when, or ”what if” about that day. Coping with my anxiety disorder was a challenge at first, but thankfully I was able to maintain a healthy routine.

Then there are days when I’m heavy from big plans or the day before. Sometimes the symptoms flare up and my thoughts go a million miles that throws my whole day off. Or if I’m at work and it’s one of those days that triggers my OCD(Obsessive Complusive Disorder) then my anxiety takes over and I end up physical and mentally deflated.

Learning to develop a wellness routine was very helpful for me and now I am able to help others and share some things I do throughout my day. By developing selflove, being mindful, prayer, meditation, and practicing gratitude all has been a major change in my life. Journaling is also a great help as well. These skills don’t make it go away, some days there are challenging to where I go inward and have to recharge from the world. The fact remains to still take it one day at a time, and where there is balance you can find peace of mind.

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