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My Awakening-Twinflame Activation

In the year 2017, sometimes around mid-June or July I remember being in the state of a restart. When you acknowledge the fact that you were stuck in a cycle and you made up your mind to drop everything and start over. Kept telling myself,” I am going to do me!” Whatever that meant. Then came a major deja vu moment.” While running an earrand, I was at a business near a family restuarant and in the parking lot, I got a glimspe of this person’s face and recognized Him so familiarly. That day on forward I would keep wondering, where did I know him from. Suddently, a week later there he was right under my nose,”literally!” We ended up in the same apartment complex and ran into each. There was this instant attraction that was so invigorating to me I became anxious to find out more about Him.


After success with my plan things pretty much went fast to full connection, and past the puppy love phase. “Again we’re in the season of Summer.” Now we’re in year 2018 and living together. “So get ready for the twist!” In the mist of having everything I wanted and living in my happy bubble, out of nowhere my whole life just dropped. Not paused or slowed down, it dropped. “I literally lost all of what I had and who I was, just out the blue.” Went through  the whole Mental health process that introduced me to discoverying about my Anxiety Disoder, and soon I was enlightened to Mindfulness. From that I journeyed on and as I lived in the darkness, not knowing who I was and why this happened to me. I began to question my beliefs and was lead into all sorts of things about your natural energy within us, Kundalini and Reiki, and how meditation was therapeutic for anxiety. At this point, I was only comfortable just being around Him.


Now things started to grow abit rocky and I started to travel down the nostalgia moments when you start comparing or revisiting your old relationship. During that deep and painful observation, of course the torture of looking for “The One” I  found a post on the differences between, Soulmate and Twin Flame. “Here we go!” Boy, this was a whole new level of  “The One” for me after reading about Twin Flames made so much sense. I mean from the first of us being close and feeling this huge wave of energy. Plus everytime I looked at Him I saw myself and a “Light” in his eyes. Here are 8 facts about what Twin Flames:

1. Your Twin Flame is You.

2. Everyone was created with ONE.

3. Your were Divinely created connected from birth.

4. Experience the feeling of  being “at home/whole.”

5. Your Twin Flame is your perfect mirror. They will reflect everything within your consciousness.

6. Your Twin Flame will trigger your wounds and upsets for the purpose of healing.

7. It is your job to heal these upsets. Blame and control will NOT get you into union with your Twin Flame.

8. Your Union is really a reflection of your relationship with your CREATOR. Really an ascension path to God.

That’s the beginning of my actual Rebirth, and finding the path that led me on my Spiritual journey. From a kid I always believed in God and grew up a Christian, longing to find that Love that was magical to where miracles happened. Keep an eye out on my blog, I will share emotional and physical details that put me to where I am now in my life dealing with my Twin Flame.

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