My Thena is dog of the month, whoop whoop! Of course turns out to be my favorite month. Not only because it’s the month of love, but also my birthday. She fits perfect for this month, for she’s just like me with her gentleness and personality full of love. Want to give thanks to ourContinue reading “FebPaw-uary”

A Pup’s Love

Staring into her small brown eyes, a soft whisper in my mind asked, “I wonder if she can read my mind.” Such a great feeling to come home to a sweet spirit that is always excited when you return. The neverending unconditional love, so gentle like a child and gives the best hugs.

My Angel Athena

Here’s Athena Marie Jones my sweet girl, she is a Chihuahua-crested mix. In 2016, I worked a boarding daycare, so of course being around dogs will for sure open your heart  to wanting one of your own. I was thinking I wanted a Corgi or a French Bulldog, but you never know what will find youContinue reading “My Angel Athena”

Grateful Daze

Bring in the month of MayFeeling the breeze of life and happiness Enjoying a beautiful sunset lightWith my best friend showing gratitude on a great day. Follow your heart and shine bright Love Athena and I 💕 stay safe! Much love and light to you all.