Got inspiration for this poem, realizing how clear the sky was one beautiful sunny day.  Even though it happens pretty often, this just touched me as the weather begins to change for the Fall season. So those who always find yourself imagining cloud pictures totally understand a little where I mean. Thanks for reading pleaseContinue reading

It doesn’t really matter what day or season, nor does it matter if I am awake or sleeping. Lots of times while I was writing this piece, even odd times like right before I eat. Comes to me easy, just like breathing, one look away; and once again I’m daydreaming. Thinking of new ideas isContinue reading

Orange Style

Decided to choose a color on Fridays So for this Friday I picked orange To me the color orange is like why the number five is one of my favorite. It has this main use to give an even balance in many things. Orange for Sacral chakra-I feel Zodiac signs: Aries Leo Libra Capricorn OtherContinue reading “Orange Style”