Light in the Darkness

“Today I came across this photo that I took and remade with an App on my phone, you know!” To make fun photos or whatever.” It was last year around this time, and I remember I was at a rough place in my life. Not only from all that was happening in the world, butContinue reading “Light in the Darkness”

Nature’s Best

This leaf caught my attention on my birthday while I was out for a walk on the park. Love how I captured the essence, it’s just there stuck dried up in the mud as the sunlight shines perfectly upon it. Then there’s the new grass sprouting out around it so beautiful. Restoration comes to heartContinue reading “Nature’s Best”

Orange Style

Decided to choose a color on Fridays So for this Friday I picked orange To me the color orange is like why the number five is one of my favorite. It has this main use to give an even balance in many things. Orange for Sacral chakra-I feel Zodiac signs: Aries Leo Libra Capricorn OtherContinue reading “Orange Style”