Heroes Go!

So happy for the Heroes out in the world that made it out. The ones who saw outside the box and overcame the doubts. Glad to be encouraged by people who discovered their powers and used it to grow. Who fought through being lost, misunderstood, and had nothing or nowhere to go. Today I’m happyContinue reading “Heroes Go!”

Repeated Patterns

Want to discuss how one gets stuck in some of the same situations. Being hard on yourself is one thing, but insecurities is another level. Being in relationships and personal growth is very challenging for people and all that is involved. Especially if you’re not aware of the issues that come from being insecure isContinue reading “Repeated Patterns”

Do it Your Way

Happy New Years Everyone! Peace out 2020, so glad and very hopeful for the new beginnings to come. As you know I am a growing entrepreneur and artist putting myself out there and out of my comfort zone. So far all is well, we know when we set goals comes a test before the reward.Continue reading “Do it Your Way”