Going Within

By Shannon MirrorGirl Jones “This Summer has been very challenging dealing with a good bit of fast changes in my life.” For good news it was great things that I have achieved, and I became stronger through tough times I currently deal with. Whatย gave me issues was my constant doubts and worry about everything, myContinue reading “Going Within”

Haunted by the Past

Many of us don’t like to be haunted by their past, but if you really pay attention there’s always a reason for that to happen. Like the world we live in today is pretty much build from things of the past. Today’s music, hairstyles, choice of careers, fashion designs, and many more has been doneContinue reading “Haunted by the Past”

Grateful Daze

Bring in the month of MayFeeling the breeze of life and happiness Enjoying a beautiful sunset lightWith my best friend showing gratitude on a great day. Follow your heart and shine bright Love Athena and I ๐Ÿ’• stay safe! Much love and light to you all.

Heroes Go!

So happy for the Heroes out in the world that made it out. The ones who saw outside the box and overcame the doubts. Glad to be encouraged by people who discovered their powers and used it to grow. Who fought through being lost, misunderstood, and had nothing or nowhere to go. Today I’m happyContinue reading “Heroes Go!”

Why MirrorGirl?

Why Mirror Girl, lol? Well, I read a pin from Pinterest and it was actually saying mirroring people and energy is one of a Pisces thing they do. I laughed so hard because it also mentioned manipulation. From my studies of astrology this is common for many other signs especially water ones. Speaking for myselfContinue reading “Why MirrorGirl?”